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  1. 8-10 frame distance isn’t desirable, but it’s at 4k max on a likely poorly optimized game. Either way, I’m personally waiting until the next set of cards for an upgrade since ray tracing tech is new and will likely see a big jump with the next set. Also, not enough games will be utilizing ray tracing just yet.

  2. doesnt even run 10k and has the same price as a decent car. who ever is buying this is supporting people laughing at you getting big money in their pocket

  3. 1080ti now, 2080 in 2years when there is enough games.
    And who plays at 4k really ? I believe maybe 10%of population, so it's still irrelevant …

  4. I wouldn't be surprised if drivers or issues with the system are causing the minimal difference in performance. Please don't mistake that for me defending Nvidia and their appalling new releases. I'm simply saying that other games show a greater difference than this, which could be pointing to another issue. The cuda core count increase, memory bandwidth increase, and slight clock speed boost should equate to more difference than this.

  5. Or I can simply play at max low settings cap my frames at 60-120 and call it a day and then play none stop or I can attempt to overclock my pc drop the frame rate to 15-30 and then play my game I’d rather have higher frames

  6. Wow it still has that huge pop-in, just like Origins. These new AC games are so trash, even the engine is dumber…
    Still gonna play'em though.

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