Pathfinder Kingmaker Review – the most interesting rpg of the year

A review of pathfinder kingmaker. Who would win in a fight, 100 normal size spiders or one bear-treant? I hope to make a longer, more detailed video on this …


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  1. The game is divisive because it feels like a buggy, unfinished beta build at the moment. I really wanted to like this game, but I certainly do not echo your feelings on it.

  2. Everything you say in this video can be translated to Divinity Orgiinal Sin. I'm stuck and frustrated with pt. 1 and hold off from buying pt 2 and this game because of it. Both are at the top of my wishlist and BG and Icewind Dale are my fav Rpgs of all time.

  3. As for many game releases, it is often wise to wait a month or two of patches before buying 😛 not to mention prices go down and sales.

  4. Another example : the game should really make it extremely clear what are Attacks of opportunity. A new player who does not realize this game mechanic can die pretty fast!

  5. Another Real Time – Pause system though… yawn. This combat system is so over used and lazy. It's quite frustrating controlling a group of chars in any real time system. Pausing only allows catching a single moment of many missed moments in between where you can't properly act or react to what's happening.

  6. Love the game, and definitely think it's worth it for any old school BG people.

    BTW my only complaint is that even on normal difficulty enemies have inflated stats. This is balanced out by enemies doing 0.8 dmg and no crits on normal. my personal preference is to set enemies to "weak" which is core rules values, but turn crits on and damage up to1.0. imho this feels way better… kudos to devs for the custom options to fix this, but I wish the options were better explained.

  7. Tons of bugs, feels like a Beta build. Beginning of the game has the least amount of bugs as always(for the early reviews) and they pile up more end more as you play. Unity is as clunky as ever. Loading screens everywhere and it gets even worse due to intrusive kingdom building which is behind 3 loading screens. If i didn't have SSD i would uninstall the moment i completed the act 1 and even with it its not great.
    I'll wait for a month or two and give it another try, because despite it all there's a lot to like at least for someone who put in thousand of hours into BG and NWN.

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