A virtual reality headset has been announced for the Nintendo Switch Become a sponsor and get invited to Nintendo Switch gaming with OBE1, prizes, …


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  1. Sony did release their sales numbers wtf are you talking about. It was over 2 million units. Only little salty bitches who no longer release sales numbers are the morons at Microsoft with their shitbox.

  2. Please do not buy this, you will feel so much regret.

    The weight of that headset with a switch strapped in would be absurd, the resolution would make your eyes feel like they're bleeding, there would be no head tracking, no content. This is a bad joke : /

    If you want to try cheap VR just get an Oculus Go, or wait until Oculus Quest launches next year.

    I have a Rift and modern day headsets are no where near good enough, let alone strapping a switch to your face xD

  3. they could of made a headset that wireless connects to the switch through a new dock or to the console instead we get this 🙁 sad know imagination at Nintendo at all

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