The Future of Virtual Reality | Phil Kauffold | TEDxSonomaCounty

Phil Kauffold takes us through his perspectives on the future of virtual reality gaming and technology. Phillip Kauffold studied Animation at Art Institute of …


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  1. 9:06 – What? I don't care about what these people "go through on day to day basis", because their well-being is of no relevance to me.

    This video just fails hard to market VR, should I spend money on this to see how 3rd worlders live in misery? That's not interesting at all.

  2. I have talked about this frequently on the VR Show, VR tech is only going to continue to improve…the curve line will just continue to slope up and each of us will eventually latch on…for us early adopters we hopped on early but for others its going to take time for the tech to improve further and get cheaper…for some its mostly cost…others it may be they are still too bulky etc. However, i believe strongly we will eventually get most cynics on-board when their variables are matched.

  3. It's not an obvious reason why the military is funding these anti-PTSD things. Why would the military be economically interested in helping the people the military no longer needs?

  4. How do I get involved?! I have been doing some research and have amazing way to promote this and to use it for entertainment and things like helping people that have lost limbs experience what it is like to maybe walk again. Are there anything in England were I can put forward ideas?

  5. There is no future in virtual reality. The American people despise it, and will only hate it more day by day into the future. The people who are currently using it begin to desire to leave it and never return. Knowing they are being laughed at everywhere they go. It is real reality as God made it where the world is heading! The sickness of virtual reality leaves America and the world for good! Technologies do not make the people happy any longer. It is small town America and the values there that do. Ethics, moral, principles, integrity and a persons character are what bring all people everywhere happiness day by day, more and more. Virtual reality, vieo games etc.. leaves the world, and the people REJOICE!!! Praise be to Jesus Christ forever and ever!

  6. I bought the Oculus Rift some days ago and used it for hours at a time. The experience was amazing, "out of this world", and it was really cool to experience all kinds of virtual dreams from flying a space ship in the simulated Milky Way to racing cars in realistic environments to solving puzzles on a paradise island etc. But the more I used the headset the more I felt depressed and even a bit sad about using it. I can't properly put it into words but it has to do with noticing how that seems to be just another attempt to escape what is. An escape into a kind of a void. And in my experience any form of escape does not work but just glosses over the primal sense of loneliness and emptiness that drives this "automatic" impulse to escape from that primal sense/feeling.

    I ended up returning the headset back to the store and I'm actually really happy that I did. The addiction potential is huge. It seems that the more the technology evolves and the more people spend time in the grid the more difficult it will be to get off this digital drug called vr. And at some point, when consciousness will be able to be uploaded to the grid/net it will probably be impossible for most to even remember that there is such a thing as what is commonly called baseline reality. That's tragic to me.

  7. someone will need to design a multi-directional treadmill to go with sandbox games. If they ever make it good enough, Hogwarts is gonna be the new Nirvana

  8. It's going to be a scary yet wonderful future.
    What happens when things are so real and exciting that people prefer it to real life?

  9. I remember my first Vr experience, it was in 1994 in London, in an arcade where they had this huge machines you had to put on. The graphics were extremely simple but it blew my mind completely. I just had to wait 23 years to live that experience again. Of course, now is much better but that 94 experience marked me for life.

  10. It was so funny when the person from the audience put the VR glasses on and jumped because of the surprise she saw. 😀 At least in terms of comedy VR definitely has the future – videos of people experiencing VR (especially for the first time) are really funny!

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