Astro Bot Rescue Mission Review

Astro Bot Rescue Mission brings a genuinely new perspective to the platform genre. Astro Bot Rescue Mission’s First Level Why …


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  1. As a VR early adopter, I'm really happy that this game finally puts VR on the mainstream with IGN covering it. I also expect some very solid price decreases for black friday and christmas, so hopefully the VR family should grow even more !

  2. For anyone who hasn't got psvr, give it a try if you can because these YouTube videos don't convey just how convincing the experience is. And having played through this game in full now, I think it's just as important as Mario 64 was back in the day.

  3. dont listen to the haters who have never tried vr, this game gives you the feeling of playing mario 64 for the first time, a real next gen experience

  4. Hands-down the most fun I’ve had playing VR yet. Hopefully all this awesome attention it’s getting will get us some new DLC! I already want more LOL

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