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Sony’s new WipEout game was suppose to arrive with a bang, but while the core gameplay was nice, the whole presentation was more average at best.


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  1. Do NOT understand the rating that this guy gave at all. The graphics are stupendous. The gameplay is fantastic, and there is a real sense of SPEED with this. This, for me, is one of the BEST Wipeout titles up to now on a handheld. To compare this to Wipeout HD on the full PlayStation console, is unfair. For a handheld racer, however, this gets 10/10 for me.

  2. Is he delusional he's comparing performance of a game on a home device to a handheld device. Of course it's not going to be the same duh. A fourteen year old could figure that out.

  3. This is the worst reviewer i've ever seen, it's a portable console, not a full blown ps3 so stop comparing it to wipeout on the ps3 and compare it to the previous wipeout titles on the psp you nutcase

  4. Designers Republic = Wipeout
    No Designers Republic = Bull Turd

    Wipeout Has Been Failing Misrably Since Wipeout 3. Yes Yes I Have Wipeout HD And Fury And All The New Ones Too But Today To This Day Iam Playing PS1 Wipeout 1 And Wipeout 2097/XL.

    Designers Republic Are The Coolest thing That Ever Happened To Video Games.

    BRING BACKKKKK DESIGNERS REPUBLIC NOWWWWWWWWWW. And By That I Mean The Same Team That Made Wipeout Games 1995 And 1996. Not And I Repeat NOT Some Stupid New Age Young Low Lives Working For Money Without Passion Who Might Be Employed By The Designers Republic.

    The Best Wipeout Music Ever Is Chemical Beats, Cold Comfort And Wipeout From Wipeout Part One On PSX From 1995. Period.

  5. 7 wtf. As me owning,and playing every single wipeout game. From the original to Wipeout 2048.My two favs are HD FURY and 2048. This game is amazing.LIKE ALL

  6. 1 thing i disliked about this review, wich happens on a LOT of ps vita review, why are they comparing a portable system game with the current (at the time of this game release) gen home consoles games?, i mean WTF?, what next will they say that the pokemons are better animated on pokemon stadium then they are on pokemon red?

  7. I'm in REAL need of a good futuristic racing game.  I don't have a Vita, but what about Wipeout HD for PS3?  Is there online for it, and if there is, is it still active?

  8. Wipeout 2048 is awesome and good for handle it just fit perfectly the graphic are awesome and way better than previous games and wipeout on the ps3 suck I just don't like to see a game like this on a home console it doesn't fit. It's just my impression and don't compare a ps vita to a ps3 because ps 3 hardware is stronger

  9. Im downloading this game now (cause I got a free code when I topped up my vita with $20 with vodafone) and its more than half done and its taken 6hours just to do that much 🙁

  10. The game looks good, but 30FPS really kills it, anyone who's played HD or Pulse knows this. Pulse or HD don't have a problem with the "dirty" visuals either – and honestly, the more realistic look is just less appealing to look at than the clean, highly aesthetic look of the previous games.

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