PlayStation Name Changes Might FINALLY Be Coming – IGN Daily Fix

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Today we chat lots of PlayStation name changes, November’s PlayStation Plus game leaks, and your Nintendo Switch might be out of date soon. PlayStation …


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  1. In honor of the possibility of PSN name changes, give me your biggest gamertag or PSN name regrets. My gt is ThatBad Monkey, which I made in fourth grade, but I haven’t changed it because I live life with no raegrets

  2. I just hope that if there is another person with that psn name you want there’s a function to swap yours with theirs or decline/accept the name swap. For example, my friend’s psn is Hotsauce I was to change mine from ragequit to hotsauce and psn notifies him that I want the psn name he has, he can either decline or accept and get my old psn name or switch to different psn name

  3. I don't really think the switch needs a better screen. I've never once thought that screen looked bad at all. At that size, the difference between 720 and 1080 is hardly noticeable imo

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