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  1. SIGH……SOOOOO CLOSE to making it a great game, if not for them not letting you play full board games online, and only being able to do minigames….

  2. Hate the joy con requirement…. it’s killing my wallet…I have 3 other controller already… just not joy cons…

  3. I consider the Mario Party Gamecube Game’s, 4, 5, 6, and 7 to be the best in the series, all 4 of them were just the best in my opinion, with 4 and 5 especially.

  4. To the people who has doubts for this game shame on you !!! 7.3 is great!!! Super Mario party score the 2nd best out of all Mario parties game 1 2 5 scored a 7.9 thats that first best super Mario party 7.3 that’s second 6 7 9 scored 7.0 that’s the third best 4 scored 6.9 that’s the fourth 10 scored 6.5. 3 scored 6.4 and finally 8 scored n 5.8 so let’s all be thankful

  5. Having more players requires more controllers… um, hasn’t that been the case for pretty much every video game for the past 40 years or so?

  6. Why would the joy cons not being charged be a problem, they last 20 hours and if you wanted you could buy the extra battery packs if you really don’t think your joy cons will last. Plus all the joy cons come with the straps so why would that be a problem too

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