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Is Bitcoin nearing a bottom here in 2018 and are we about to see the next bull run? CryptoCurrency has had a very bullish week!
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  1. Since the stock market is bullish right now, if it doesn't crash until then (which is overdue), I think it might reach around US$10.000. If it does crash though, then the sky is the limit… it's gonna reach US$ 50.000,00 easily.

    LTC: LWjXSH8q2xcK2PVwpKhmvhkxbcrXaw37Ny

  2. Market manipulation has turned a lot of people off I think. It was very in your face this year and adding in the Mt.Gox really put the poop in the party. I don’t think ETFs are going to really be a big enough draw in as well. I think it’s going to take a large move by institutional money into crypto to jump start a feeding frenzy again like last December. Once the volumes back then off we go. I’m foreseeing a 9-9500k BTC by end of December and that’s only if a lot of projects finish development and start to get used. The alt volume may help pull BTC up. But ima newb and that’s just my gut feeling.
    Thanks for the contest!

  3. I see it getting around 10k by the end of 2018, consolidating then finding its way up to 12k Q1 2019. great video cheer!


  4. Given the way the market has been lately, and that it's already October, if it reverses and becomes bullish I'd expect to see $10,000 Bitcoin by the end of the year


  5. There could be a strong media push due to all the corporate moves into the space ; ie Coinbase, Gemini Galaxy etc… (ETF's aside) … Companies like these are ramping up preparing themselves and are strong enough to influence the masses at the right time. 15K to 18K by December 2018 ! LTC –

  6. Hi zack i think it wil be the same like januari 2018 again 20 k,the same investors wil make this move.Lgu9mLr8naWg2o5s4noHQcdC3CaPEHZGkS

  7. i think btc bottom is about 6k, i tryin to get in there, and a run for btc as a high is 10k by the end of the year.
    hook me up zack! LNTyoPQpD8Rn3vuhq7q9kMKL86fSgV9yJV

  8. Even when bitcoin not moving, You can still make so much money despite the current fall in bitcoin .For me,I knew the price will run up more, then bleed off and go lower than current lows… Then as it goes higher, Its more like a time pattern , so i am sure that bitcoin will rise, for now all we need to do is invest what we’re Hodling and make more profit, So we don’t feel the lost in fall of price when it happens again, i stumbled upon a comment of someone who helped in increasing of Portfolio of a lady from having *4BTC to 10BTC in two months, i So i contacted him even though I was skeptical, Behold I have made 3Btc in 1 months with his working strategies, if you have lost so much during fall or want to increase your portfolio like me, Reach him on *Email/hangout DIEGODOUGLAS330@GMAIL. COM or via telegram/whatsapp: +1(914)529-5486 and thank me later

  9. If Bitcoin would do a reversal I see it going to $9k – 14k (realistic ) as 25k seems way to optimistic and ppl are more likely to cash out once we hit 10k
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