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  1. I only acept this game if it had multiplayer mode offline and online (not in stoy mode), classic Ghostbusters bosses and more game modes </3

  2. The 1st ghostbusters was a AWESOME game. So, the question is, why did they make an arcade game of ghostbusters when they could've remastered the 1st ghostbusters?!

  3. Angry Joe gave this piece of garbage a 1 out of 10 hahaha. I saw this game in a shop yesterday at quite a high price, and I wanted to scream. The 2016 movie was bad enough, now this?!

  4. +IGN:If you think one game is good in the franchise that's just your opinion and no just because you are reviewers doesn't make your opinion fact and just because you have an opinion doesn't give you the right to insult the sonic fanbase.SHAME ON YOU! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!

  5. That music that's playing over the top at 1:31 reminds me so much of Grabbed by the Ghoulies on the original xbox. So much so I think it might actually be the same. Anyone else feel the same?

  6. Anyone else noticing that movie tie-in games seem to be disappearing? It seems like all the ones that come out now are either Lego games, or something like this, that are merely part of the franchise, and tell their own story.

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