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Today we are going to review Moss, a third-person VR puzzle game for the PSVR that takes classic elements of a great platformer, such as compelling …


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  1. Ive played this game and it does have a very beautiful story, graphics, everything about it is amazing i just wish for how much it costs that the game was a little longer but i guess you could go back and replay it and collect everything but i do love this game 10/10

  2. There are simply too many comments here. It seems like many people believe that VR only good for first person view. To be honest, MOSS this game has totally change how a 3rd person view game can deliver. The 3D spaces that you are emerging in while controlling the little mouse is very impressive. Maybe it is hard for you to actually understand what Nathie is trying to tell you before you actually try out the game. 🙂

  3. Nope. But I am happy to hear your argument on how this title will change VR for ever??….sadly I think that was a bit of click bait there. In fact, other than the cuteness factor the game looks pretty ordinary to me, maybe if their target market is 10-15yrs old perhaps, but seriously VR HAS purpose…and IMO this isn't it. Watching a virtual world from a TPP perspective belies the immersion of being IN the VR world, which is exactly what VR was created for. Isometric gameplay has always done that, and will always do that. IT will always be the 'watching' the action viewpoint rather than being 'IN' the action experience.

  4. Watching a video of VR never does the game that you're showcasing any justice, we can never feel those same emotions as you when you're in the metaverse. But I can see where you are coming from with your title, don't worry about the people who complain about it being 'clickbait', since you're not lying, nor are you telling the truth, you're simply expressing your opinion, which is easy enough to accept 😀
    See you in the next video Nathie!

  5. Hello nathie thank you for showing off Moss VR on the PlayStation VR. I would deftly like to see more of this adventure in a future video have a good weekend and you on this weeks episode of VR inside podcast. I would like to see this game

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