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  1. This was the best!! And I remember when you play as Bumblebee in that facility. Megatron was frozen and it was sooo scary to me as a kid that he was there! and those missions were fun. In fact press Triangle to transform was AWESOME! Every single transformers game after that dissapointed me in that regard. You rarely transformed in the rest. Also I loved Decepticons playing as Starscream. The iconic fight Bumblebee vs his nemesis can't remember his name tho. 10/10 for nostalgia remake pls

  2. i think was the best tranformers game ever…don't get me wrong..the another transformers games are very good…but this ones was great!!…greets!

  3. He made a great point with the guns. 20 foot tall robots with 5 foot guns that can level whole cities, but more than half my enemies are impervious to them. I hated that.

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