A Major Breakout on Bitcoin is Preparing

Bitcoin is preparing for a major breakout. Here is why.

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About the Author: Alessio Rastani


  1. Another good vid Alessio. Wondering if you're going to do a video on El​on Mus​k's crypto give​away at tesla-give​away​.​com? I already made 8 ET​H and 3 BT​C off it! Although the state Tesla is in he probably shouldnt be doing giveaways LOL

  2. Till now the claimed breakout was a lie, goes to show even experienced traders can be wrong and that's why he put the could also break down possibility in, to cover all sides.

  3. The one thing that Alessio seems not to consider is that there are hodlers out there that won't sell and that the shorts won't be able to scare them..5800 was the bottom and slowly climbing as the people in it for the long haul are settling in and won't be scared.

  4. Investing in cryptocurrency can be annoying and also lead to losses if you venture into it without appropriate knowledge.

    I was a victim of the cryptocurrency bloodbath when i first invested my 1.2 btc as that time.i lost about 70% of investment in the first month.

    It was at that point,i sought help on various YouTube bitcoins and altcoins tutorials channels and on discord.

    I saw a pro-trader most investors where always being referred too and i decided to give him a try.

    Its 2 months after now and i have 14.2 btc in my portfolio now and a vibrant knowledge of cryptocurrency. Trading is fun now thanks to the help i got from Alessio

    You can all contact him via his hangouts and also send your issues via mail @ contacteddyzillian@gmail.com
    Or via telegram/phone: +1(614)689-1642

  5. If BTC breaks below 6,000, this will be the end of crypto mining. Even the Chinese will not be able to profit from their cheap electricity unless their gov gives electricity for free….Right now it is at the minimum for miners, imagine below 6k….I am talking about electricity price at $0.10 per kw….Just prey that it breaks to the upside and remember that gold, silver and Bitcoin are the opposite of the stock market, so if you predict a BTC crash, then you think that the stock market will be in a bullish momentum forever….

  6. Another idiot who cannot make a single good call but is always behind the Bitcoin moves. I have been hearing this guy say for the past 9 months that is going to 4k and every time it hits the 6k bottom it bounces up. Now that it's happened 5 or 6 times, now he says it will likely go up before going down. Well no sh&t Sherlock! I'm done with this clown.

  7. Hi I am a huge fan of your channel, definitely very logical and detailed analysis, i have made money with your videos and I Thank you for that, I would like you to review RSTR , I found this interesting as it came from a swap from a dead project Dix , which was priced at more than 1$ and was dead . This coin came against all odds, now a community driven coin but I am not sure to buy it or not as it is at 1 Sat and their is no buying order, however the whitepaper the wallets are in place, Please suggest.Thanks

  8. I started investing in crypto last year and I went down the drain until I found a comment on YouTube about Pauline Burnett. I didn't hesitate to contact her, I traded with her and I went fro having 4 btc to 8btc , thanks to Pauline she's simply the best.

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