Bitcoin Breakout Soon?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price going to breakout son? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:35 Support & Resistance
3:18 RSI & Stoch
6:01 Breakdown??
9:02 POLLS!
19:29 General Market Analysis

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  1. I lost my job about two years ago. Trading only A year with Mrs Wilson has made me even as rich as my former boss. That's a fact and I thank Wilson for all.

  2. ladys and gentlemen tune in US financila system is crashing NAZDAQ S&P 500 DOW ARE HEADING STRAIGHT DOWN to hell SMS alert form the US president this is it upcoming crash opps wait great depression of all times there will riots all social media will be dismantled marshal law yuan will be the temporarily global curreency ultimately btc will save the world financial crisis

  3. The bull is still far far away because those poll results are so positive and even Carl is still so positive about starting bull. When those poll results are reversed and Carl is at least neutral about btc price then we might get some bullin.

  4. Bitcoin is DEAD folks! Sermon will be held on Sunday at 11 O' clock. Ripple shills are also welcome, but beware that you are adviced to stay quiet through out the entire seremony.

  5. Thanks Carl, I try to always catch your daily videos. Keep up the good work. We're in a crypto lull (sideways) right now but I have a feeling pretty soon we're going to have some action!

  6. Hey Carl, what do u feel is the significance of weekly charts. That paints a good picture too. Worth analysing that in your next video?
    Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  7. The rules are about to change, a decoupling from Bitcoin based exchanges adding FIAT onramps. Get ready for more volitility…

  8. Why are we still talking bull market, we are in a Classic text book bear market, nothing has been bullish since jan. Lets just be real, only thing ahead is a test of the 5k lvl. The longer we delay the longer this bear market will last. We have not seen people hate bitcoin, stop making these youtube videos. We have months if not a yr a way for a recovery

  9. Carl your vids are not very informative the last few weeks. You come across bored and tired. There is nothing to talk about bro we get it. But don't force videos. Take a few days off if you need and wait for the market to move. No hate, just telling the truth. Begging people to pay you over and over only makes things worse.

  10. You charge £1100 A month and have 55 patrons. Which is around 60k a month. And is around 750k a year. And u ain't even giving a single signal hahaha. Man is making some loot!!

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