BTC Ready To Move? | Fundamentals Are Strong According To BitMEX Research | Global Housing Bubble

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price ready to move? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Also, BitMEX research says that the ICO’s are strong with cash. Moreover, I’ll talk about the global real estate bubble and the coming global economic collapse. Watch the video to learn more!

1:06 Support & Resistance
4:00 Breakout?
9:13 General Market
11:37 BitMEX Research
14:03 Real Estate Bubble

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  1. Hi Carl. Thank you for your informative videos. I have a question about interest rates. Im just an ordinary person and dont know much about economics, I hope you dont find my question silly. In some of your videos (that one included), you say that interest rates are lowered so that it kinda has a buffering effect on global financial crisis. What is solved when the interest rates are lowered? Is that actually bad? Whats the mechanism behind that, I really dont understand. I appreciate if you try to explain a bit.

    And I wish you said "hello guys AND GALS" in the beginning of your videos because gals are watching you too, such as me.


  2. I would not draw conclusions from a city market and think that is the same all across the country or globe. Many people are fleeing California and New York and other high tax states for other lower tax states. This doesn't mean there is a problem in the US market as a whole. Also, there are issues in other global markets, but it doesn't mean the rest of the world is affected. If anything, the new Trump policies are in the face of globalism, so I am not so worried of catching a cold because some politician in Greece was corrupt with their citizens money.

  3. I think the more boring things are, the more interesting they become. Meaning that, it always strikes me curious when things get boring and roll to the right for a bit.

  4. You Some People just dont get it..i love Bitcoin to see it in 4k 3k or even 2k..! Why many average people can buy it..! I WanT BTC at 3k and i buy it Why its Very easy to Gain 100% or 50% profit if you Gain that number Hold your 50% and Trade your50%.. but i gues 5% of pro traders and Hodlers can understand this..!???

  5. Shits going no where bastards are selling off constantly, manipulating shit so they could get it cheaper.. as if it hasn't fucking been cheap long enough!

  6. Carl uploads literally like a bot at 3am on the money California time. Carl is my daily must with coffee. I’m assuming you were an economics major. You’re brilliant buddy we love you. I live in your Discord room as stevek. Cheers.

  7. what if it is exactly where they want it to be for the next few years. Trading like dax. People would just buy normal stocks instead. Please take a look at royal nickel corporation its the best example that stocks can easily outperform crypto.

  8. Greetings Carl, here in Romania the interest rate of my 5 year credit ia 10,48% damn i can' t stand those banks, allways taking the money from the people in the poor countries and sustaining the people in the rich countries.

  9. Carl use some pitchforks. You will find some very interesting confluence with your resistance and support lines. Will make for some new ways to do you TA. Make sure for some of your pitchforks you skip over one rally for some of your forks, you will be amazed at what you find.

  10. Well if it moves sideways for the next 15 days it will go out at the top of the triangle, so something big is happening im the next 15 days.

  11. One point my father always made to me from a quote of Will Rogers or possibly Mark Twain: "Buy land, they ain't making any more of the stuff". Addendum for 2018: "And Bitcoin". The difference is the value of land in big cities like NY and London etc, is primarily of value because of the way people work today – they need to commute. This may change over time – but the timescale of this change is difficult to estimate. But on the longer timescale, this focussed land-grab in major cities will end as people no longer need to commute to the extent they do today. However, the restricted limit on BTC is founded in the code itself. Forks may affect this. But for the time being the Will Rogers/Mark Twain quote feels even more appropriate for BTC. Love your videos, keep up the great work.

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