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  1. Everyone, including all these YT gurus selling crappy trading courses, has been WRONG about the cryptocurrency market in 2018. TA doesn't work in crypto and this guy is just selling to mostly GULLIBLE NEWBIES. It all boils down to institutional buyers getting back in the game in order for the market to grow again.

  2. Hey Steve, greeting from Germany. Congrats for getting engaged! I wanted to ask about your opinion regarding the monthly BTCUSD chart. When looking at the monthly timeframe, the price is right above the 21 ema. Stoch RSI is heavily oversold and RSI seems to not break under the resistanceline it lays right on. If I use trendlines, the bottomline better fits as a not horizontal line, making the triangle look neutral instead of bearish. Doesnt that look pretty good for an ema bounce and break to the above from the triangle or am I missing something? Thank you so much, I love your videos, you have great passion with what you do. By the time I can really afford some of your advanced classes, I will get them, but right now my investment ist still too small, would be much left to trade, but I hope that is going to change soon 🙂

  3. Congrats. Still too expensive and I'm with the other guy,,,,,a 'flash sale' is a HUGE savings not 150 bucks…..or even 200 bucks. I am also in agreement with everyone else here. LOVE LOVE LOVE the classes but the infomercials are too many, too frequently and gets me distracted…and uninterested.

  4. Problem is that that the Bitcoin market is so small that even though technicals are telling you that it will break to the downside, it is fairly easy for 1 person to push it to the upside. Screw the small guys kinda…Also 99% fail because they are out of the 1% who have most of the money around the world.

  5. I liked your channel, we should connect! And if you're interested in earning extra income from home, I can show you what I do! Talk to you soon, friend 🙂

  6. Pfff skipping your video’s more and more because you are pushing your classes to much. It has become annoying. Birthday sale, engagement sale…. what is next……

  7. Congratulations Steve. It's always heart warming to hear great things happening for awesome people. May you and Pauline continue to live happily for the rest of your days together.

  8. If you want to help many people.. like you said, put your course on 10 or 15 dollars. Because many people follow you on others country's like Latin America.?

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