John McAfee drop Bitcoin Price Predictions that may shock you

John Mcafee sees Bitcoin at 100, 000K by …well see it yourself. Don’t forget to like and comment.

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  2. Funny thing is: NOBODY that REALLY cares wants him to be wrong and it's NOT out of an altruistic concern for his genitals.

  3. He loves dime rocks from liberty city.. he loves the clean base rock!! he also killed his neighbors in south america. he will swallow his own cock dont wry it will be tasty// keep smokin john u rock monster..

  4. You seem sick i don’t want to loose good minds I offer you free help …only to you … your money can’t buy that or you would be well. Simply because you need to continue . Or don’t.

  5. Plez sar BTC sapply is finite, but finanshel derivative that can be issue on BTC are not. That why, even if Bidcoin is tolerate on the long ran, McAfee will eat his willie. Thenk

  6. This is so simple…. John sold his mining farm…… in the agreement to the new buyers, he promises to pump up bitcoin…. not gonna be a $1 million bitcoin in your life time

  7. You can ban merchants from accepting bitcoin for payments, and you can ban banks from doing business with any company that converts crypto currency to fiat. Anything can be stopped by government power. The bet is does Trump want crypto. He seems to like it. We'll see.

  8. 1:00 – the supply is limited, we cannot print more bitcoin – THE BIGGEST LIE EVER. Yes, there will be only 21 MIO BTC that is true, but what about all the fucking forking? bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bitcoin diamond…

  9. Ah, btc split into two different cryptos, thereby doubling the sum cryptos, couple with clones of BTC’s which, double, triple, quadroduppule cryptos, therefore cryptos like currency can simply make new denominations at will…. unlike crypto’s dollars are backed by marines, and WMD’s

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