Tom Lee: I want to be clear, bitcoin is going to $25,000 by year end

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Bitcoin bull Tom Lee, Fundstrat, still believes the cryptocurrency will hit $25K by the end of this year. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Pete Najarian, Steve Grasso, Karen Finerman and Tim Seymour.


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  2. CNBC totally caters to the amateur, naive, retail investor, and their constant coverage of the crypto currency "market" is one example of that fact. I still do find myself watching them, mostly because they have better looking "money honeys" than Bloomberg or Fox Business :-).

  3. Bulshit, guys play with everyone, this is big games, maybe go up maybe going down… who knows? Somebody create game and you will only win if you understand how to play game .
    But nobody telling you rules and steps because isn’t real!!!

  4. LMAO! so if it costs 22k to create something, it must be worth 25k. That sounds like how some ipo works despite not able to make a penny after a decade in business. let's just say i am willing to charge you $10K for every Brooklyn Bridge painting i am about to do but i am going to give you a nice discount of $1k, why do you try to sell it for $11K. If cost has anything to do with how something should be valued, then no business would be bankrupted.

  5. Fair value/expectation based on how much it costs to mine…. that’s… not actually how it works.
    If it costs 1000 bucks to build a Big Mac… that doesn’t mean you can sell a Big Mac for 1000 bucks.

  6. They are just trying to hype it up. To many people lost a lot of money in the last pump and dump and i think that everyone forgot about this because they dnt seem to bring this up at all lol.
    bitcoin is fools gold

  7. he says bitcoin has no competition but ethereum does?  Both do.. but bitcoin has the most competition because every single crypto out there can do what it does..  bitcoin does nothing unique

  8. i love how the cnbc panel think they can talk about bitcoin when all theyve done for 99% of its life is absolutely trash it and act like its a joke

  9. Comparing bitcoin to gold for production costs is a poor comparison. Gold has inherent value and uses in and of itself. Just because it costs more To mine than it is worth doesn’t mean jack because bitcoin doesn’t fill any unique purpose like gold can argue fills. I guess money transfer for illegal entities is its purpose though? But that just brings in regulation risk.

  10. People just don'tget it Crypto is going nowhere, now is the time to buy as much as you can , there are fantastic Alt coins like PKG token, and Banca Token that are under a penny right now and you can get millions for cheap but not for long, Crypto has and will make a lot of people filthy rich, just takes research and guts.

  11. Great video speaking out the truth. You might want to check out a blockchain based sports blogging platform that is heavily used and under the radar. If people use a similar Facebook version, i am sure people will use it

  12. hahahaha Keep drinking that Kool-Aid! Bit Coin isn't going to be worth the toilet that its going down in! … Get your money OUT while you can, IF you can that is

  13. People in charge of crypto hedge funds have artificial intelligence tools that read social media, and are able to pump coins, they are for sure going to pump crypto higher than it has ever been, but this might not happen for a while.

  14. Can you jackasses talk about important stuff? The price does not matter nearly as much as the fact that Bitcoin will empower billions of people and unbank us all.

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