Bitcoin Fundamentals | If you own 0.22 BTC, You Are In 1% (World’s Population)

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Due to the fixed supply of Bitcoin, we can estimate that only 1 percent of the world’s population can own more than 0.22 BTC. In this video I will demonstrate this clime by using first grade math and give you my opinion if bitcoin if undervalued or overvalued.
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  1. You want to be in 1% of the rich countries, not just 1% on the total people on Earth… so let's say 1% of 1 billion people (UE, EFTA, USA, Canada, Australia, N-Z, Japan, South Corea…) then you have to own more or less 1.5 BTC

  2. btc will Always be 1 i dont doubt that, ETN will top 5 aswell sooner than we think , Pivx i see a good top 5 coin going to be aswell it got btc gen in it it forked of monero also private  will be in future a big profiter aswell on the top standing

  3. I was hoping to have at least .20 BTC by the end of my cloud mining contract but I dont think that’ll be happening :/. But i will hold on to whatever I’m left with for a long time!

  4. Now do a review on CLOAKCOIN, a cryptocurrency that is one of the oldest, most secure and most private in the world, and it only has a bit over 5 million coins as supply.

  5. I think it's important to note since BTC will become mostly unavailable, LTC will start to absorb demand. Does that mean you should have .88 LTC? we'll "C".

  6. The only problem with this argument is every coin and token can be evaluated the same way, regardless of utility. In addition, since BTC utility is limited, you should also count the forks as they're nearly equivalent to stock splits.

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