Bitcoin Won’t Pass $9,000, Making Proof Of Work Better And Crypto Prediction Market Upgrade

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  1. It s just a matter of time. Remember in 2015 when it was at 200$ and people said that the ceiling was 1000$? BS… and we all listened to that willingly or not.
    bitcoin is divided jn 100 million cents (satoshi) and cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Bitcoin will skyrocket big in the future

  2. I'm really just waiting on an economic downturn for crypto to rally. I just don't think the futures market is the catalyst. Q4 of this year could very well see a crash in the conventional markets.

  3. When developing an app you want to make them visually appealing, but the problem is it usually takes most development time building the functionality so the UI design suffers. I doubt there are many developers that don't care how the UI looks. They just run out of time.

  4. Bitcoin usi used all the time in the dark markets and in gambling and sports betting and satoshi dice however Bitcoin takes too long now it's too expensive so all this whole use case stuff maybe maybe the crypto university to start focusing on using one of these other coins and bringing use cases outside of the other coins and keeping Bitcoin as a store of value are you need to stop focusing on the price of Bitcoin going up we need to start focusing on a different coin going up and then a Bitcoin going up being used as a store of value because right now there's no use case for Bitcoin and is not really going to be except for store a value for a little while at least so maybe we need to focus on the market by getting another corner another coin being used all the time like a period with the kitties cause we don't need to buy Bitcoin for that to go up to buy other coins we can just buy the other coins finished now but couldn't very moist with up because we were buying ethereum to buy ICO Bitcoin was always going up as well buying Bitcoin to buy other coins so I use case for something else focusing on that beat pretty good I think

  5. You could be a reason for Mike giving Ace prediction Solo as he wants to stay relevant in the media could be the case what do the different Lee attracts a lot of attention.
    when was launches in November with the New York Stock Exchange remember buy on the rumour sell on the news it is hard to do in this case but I'm sure the Wales will do it the crypto Wales the old school Wales because they're against all that stuff as well and they will try to heard it wild of Wall Street Wales than you guys with the New York Stock Exchange they will be trying to put the price up to sell their cheap crypto they need to put it up because they pull their Bitcoin so cheap they want to make profits on it there's going to be a tug of war but all the old school crypto guys that used to be the whales are used to manipulate the prices before Wall Street came along this year they're going to fight I don't want regulation they're going driving down as they can to say the put off people maybe

  6. My prediction and it's a serious prediction is Bitcoin will be $200,000 by June I called it the entire time last year I started in January I called it a month the amount the highs and lows all the way through to February this year and I've been wrong since however I now have a new prediction after being wrong since February to hear annual crash in February but I thought it would go back up by April however my new prediction is 192 200000 u s dollars for one Bitcoin by June 2019 what is going to happen is it will drop between now and a week after back as launched and then it will start going up slowly with an institutional investor here and there a hedge fund here and there and then by January lots and lots of big amounts will be invested from hedge funds in everything and then every single day in every single newspaper the media is going to be telling about the Rise like I did last year and it was going to start mortgage in the house again everyone that Bawden at 19000 and sold it at 15000 will buy it back when it goes to 19000 again maybe I'll be sold it for a 15000 but they aren't going to believe in it again until they see it go past what they first boarded at and that's when the phone was going to kick you in on the retail side

  7. IMO the BTC market has been bullish for awhile now, we just aren't seeing it. Highest volumes are OTC. OTC buys do not raise the price of BTC via slippage on the regular exchanges with low liquidity. CFTC tweeted cryptocurrencies are commodities (step in the right direction) Bakkt, TDAMer, etc would be bigger than ETFs. Congress hitting IRS up on tax regs for crypto just another reason to know big boys coming. Think they gave them Oct 17th as deadline for response ( IRS was in no hurry for us retail guys/gals but now all sudden its important.)

  8. If we really believe in this market then we should be loving this bear market. Gives us more time to stock up before the market explodes like we think it’s going to.

  9. Bearish sentiment and FUD coming into big news and major players getting into the game is actually a very bullish sign imo..typically price drops after the major hype moving into big moves in the market..

  10. With the long-term chart I am looking at right now, there is a very clear sign that we are guaranteed at least 10k BTC (minimum) near the middle of 2019. To put it another way, by the time we reach roughly the middle of 2019, BTC will never be lower than 10k ever again into the future. For right now (Oct 2018) the worst permissible case would be a temporary dip to 5300, but by the end of this year (2018) it will definitely be over 6k again, and from there it has no choice but to go up. And these are minimum values from what I am seeing, and definitely hit a minimal of 20K before end of 1st quarter 2021. Great news, these are MINIMUM values and they are exponential because of the halving aspect of BTC (hold for 20 years and you will be astounded!). However on the upside (the upward FOMO events that will occur) OMG, seriously it is absolutely scary the maximum heights BTC could actually hit !!!

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