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  1. I understand that they have to end it. If they make the series to long. They will run out of ideas. Just look to what happen to the walking dead. That series is dying.

  2. Seeing how this show is ending I hope they bring back the cast and crew in a few years time once the actors have aged and make a Batman show. The cast overall is amazing and character development sets up the perfect bat-verse. David is a great Bruce Wayne.

  3. So is Season 5 actually happening? Because that would be awesome! There were a few things I didn't like so much for example how a few of the female characters changed, but as a whole they have done an awesome job with the show. I think the show has awesome potential. I want to see little bruce become batman as well, but I know this show still has a ton of potential to keep going if they would just keep it going. Also, I think the show can still have a batman regardless of the title. I mean they have already depicted much of Bruces childhood and you can't have Gotham without a batman, right? With that being said, it would also be very cool to see more of the characters development into batman. What do you think?

  4. Die hard fan since season 1. I’m so hoping that when they say “final season” … that they mean of Gotham. It would be awesome to get a Batman series after that pics up with the story years later and shows how everyone evolved.

  5. Yes Gotham has poor writing at times; Yes it doesn’t always make sense; but one thing remains true; it’s hella fun to watch and it’s been a pleasure to enjoy this show while it lasted thank you Gotham for being the beautiful mess that you are. Oh and this is the best Batman romance don’t argue with me. #EmbraceTheMadness

  6. One of the best written and character driven DC shows ever. I'm glad there deciding to end it and not let it drag on forever. What these comic book shows need is a clear end goal for the series. They shouldn't go on forever; that's what the comic book are for.

  7. To someone who still watches this show: How much of this footage was from the previous season? If this is all new I feel like I just watched the whole season

  8. No no no no nooooooo please not the last season:((((((((( I have been a huge fan since episode 1 I don’t wanna see this show end 🙁

  9. I really hate Selina in this show. She isn't likeable but they try so hard to make her likeable. Fish Mooney has to be the worst character ever on television.

  10. So sad… This is the only show were i felt i was rooting for all the people in it. And if u ask me, this has THE BEST JOKER out there. I dont want it to end ?

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