Is Bitcoin About To Repeat History And Break $6,000?

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If Bitcoin is ever to go below $6,000 again, I believe it will be in the next month. In this video, we discuss the possibility of a sub-$6,000 bitcoin.

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*I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital.*

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  1. Jebb, always appreciate ur TA & commentary.
    Bitfinex shorts > longs by ~3K, so, nothing to write home about.
    The descending wedge/triangle is concerning & certainly points to a continued bearish trend.
    FA is solid&big silver backed mountain gorillas (read Bakkt, ETFs, etc) with deep pockets r waiting on the side lines & can't wait to pounce.
    CBOE moved in on 12/17/17 & started the short/bear trend, IMHO they're run is over, 6K has been defended well.
    Up&Down&All Around, where BTC/Alts go, nobody knows.
    Personally, I'm in 4 the long fight, not the D2D B$ & will HODL 2 the bitter end, Hero or Zero.
    As always, do ur own TA/FA, move in/out carefully, set ur stop losses to protect ur a$$et$, don't panic, b brave, HODL the line &
    U shall b rewarded.
    Kind regards 2 all.

  2. something you should consider talking about in your next video. Tether is looking shaky on the chart. not able to rise back up to it's full usd pairing for days now. anyone holding funds in tether should seriously consider switching over to TUSD or PAX. with the new more secure and backed stable coins now on the scene I think tether may be in a death spiral. watch your funds guys.

  3. Jebb
    I’m trying to sign up to your courses, having issues, there seems to be no other way to contact you other than here.

    Tried Discord and no way there either.

    Let me know what to do?
    Thank You
    Jeff T

  4. I will say if it hits 3000 mirroring 2014 action this will spark a major Bull run. Every savvy investor is waiting on the sidelines for this to happen

  5. Bitcoin fund – manager .SHOWS we broke bullish…just now in his last video….I BELIEVE HIM..and many of my favorite including jeff dont think so…..yes we broke bullish….the bear has ended.good luck to all.

  6. When BTC went below the $300 line in 2014, this is equivelent to the end of june 2018. The precentages won't match because BTC now has much larger market cap and is more stable/less volitile.

  7. I know I said 3k yesterday but I just have a look at the tdi on the weekly chart and its shows a market exsotion and its on the 50 line so that means it's over for the bear market we will start a new bull market very sooon like befor december right now its in consolidation mode

  8. Yesterday…bitfinex down for maintenance….PRIME opp for market makers….big green candle, AND immediate smack down, could not breach 6600. Seasonality is coincidence. Bearish for now….

  9. Not only is there no black swan-type event like Mt. Gox, but the tech on BTC is exponentially improved. Might see a quick dip down into the mid or high $5000's. My question is, when will the consolidation period end? No one knows. Could be as soon as a month from now, or as late as Q1 2019. Whatever happens, the big picture looks great for crypto. Give it about 5 years, be patient, don't overtrade, and you won't regret it.

  10. All corrections look the same, fundamentally though the difference is retail expecting drop while professionals wanting to get in all it takes is a nice flush and panic sellers gonna get eaten up by the pros.

  11. Jebb. I like your analysis and I will always follow you because I like your style as I like the chart guys too. However, why would you get into long term of the market POSSIBLY dropping below 6k when you know it is pure speculation. it is a form of FUD. Long term Technical analysis in such a volatile market driven by FUD and FOMO cannot be accurate. If you were analyzing a blue chip stock on the DOW 30 I would get it but bitcoin?? For the general public reading this, I will also tell you that I personally will NOT listen to Novogratz or Tommy Lee or any of these guys on Bitcoin price by the end of the year becasue they do not know any more than you do. The speculation is crazy and (not you Jebb) and this is exactly what keeps people from entering the market. Every day everyone has a different opinion. Take a few months off and lets start again in January! Yikes.

  12. Well you said it yourself Jebb, It rhymes but doesn't repeat So bitcoin has to break $6000 and below to follow that sequence. Question is… how low do ya go?!?

  13. damn it! If everyone gets a Jebb heart then that Jebb heart doesn't feel so special to me. This comment is only here to not get a Jebb heart to test this Jebb heart theory.

  14. I think Bitcoin puts on a Santa costume and is coming with a nice huge bullrun as a christmas gift for the crypto community!! 🙂

  15. The big difference between 2014 and now is in 2014 there was a huge Candlewick down that went way below the support, this is usually a sign of what's to come. This time the big Candlewick down in Feb hit the current support. This is why I believe we will not break 5800.

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