Our Favorite Games IGN Has Ever Covered – Game Scoop! 500

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We’re celebrating our 500th episode in front of a live audience and discussing the biggest games and trends of the last 12 years.


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  1. When they introduced Big Tony Style I pulled my car over and opened up the podcast on YouTube so I could see what this beautiful prince looked like. Then to my great dismay they don't pan the camera! Let me lay eyes on this beautiful man!

  2. Without pushing play I am going to guess they are all going to say Zelda: Breath of the Wild then continue to talk about it for the rest of the podcast, when someone says another game they'll some how work out a way to talk about Zelda again… Was I right?

  3. Although spiderman feels great and looks great, it really is just the ps2 Ultimate spiderman on nextgen. Which that game was amazing for anyone who didn't play

  4. G'arrrrgh, would have loved to have been there to help celebrate. But y'know, wrong side of the planet and all that. Huge congrats to Daemon & the Scoopers. From Pete in Melbourne.

  5. thank u damon for this amazing show i been enjoying for many years :D! u have such a unique personality but a very sutle and peacefull one…something very strange on this day and age of the internet and for that im very greatfull and wish you the best and many more years of omega cops!

  6. Aww, this is episode 500 — you should have totally let Fran go through his whole list! A 2 hour Scoop would be the Scoop of a lifetime, but an hour and a half one is amazing too.

    I still can't find another gaming podcast I enjoy as much as this one. Rotating legendary Scoop vets out for this episode was a great idea. Happy 500th birthday, Game Scoop! And here's to 500 more.

  7. Been listening since the beginning, oh the memories… what a milestone and STILL the best gaming podcast around..outlasted even Beyond back when it seemed they were neck to neck in awesomeness. Congrats and cheers!

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