SEC Bitcoin ETF Deadline Oct 26 – Bull Run? – Ripple XRP Working with US Government

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– US SEC Sets October 26 Deadline for Reviewing Nine Bitcoin ETF Applications
– Despite multiple bullish news this past week include TD Ameritrades Crypto Exchange ErisX, Ric Edelman getting into crypto, Yale investing in Crypto Fund and more the markets have not moved. Price continues to move sideways
– Ripple is working with federal government on improving Fin Tech for banks
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  1. Totally agree with you on paying in full for property or paying off your mortgage. Paying off any debt for that matter. Interest rates are money pits.

  2. I cant believe you all are bying this shit. SEC will postpone again and again for years.

    Trust and believe XRP wont revolve around any of the presented news. Not even 1.00 by eoy, remember this post.

  3. This article is misleading.

    The deadline is for the public to submit statements of support or opposition, not for the SEC to finish its review (& the deadline is Nov. 5, not Oct. 26).

    The SEC will then review the statements & write an order.

  4. minute 9:15 you and Alex Cobb are idiots for just throwing away the ethics of been as honest as you can, because you're thirst for money has corrupted you. U actually go on here and support the pay off of politicians for getting you're crypto to move. You're no better then these Corrupt ppoliticians. Do you hear yourself? You actually are condoning Paying off POliticians…

  5. i really think SEC is waiting for the best moment to allow this ETF,s and the best moment is november&december + bakkt + yale investments+ plus wallstreet exchange + they dump the market and this year they gona make their big move 🙂

  6. 23:27 For me this is where opportunity cost plays into it all. If I stopped renting and bought an apartment after cashing out at say 10$ I wouldn't have to pay rent. But if the market takes it to 25$ and then 50$, my apartment just felt a little smaller. Cashing out is a per case basis but that's why selling off small percentages is the way to do it.

  7. Imagine ripple is Walmart. Now, imagine xrp is a 70% discount coupon…… now imagine this on a larger bigger Huge scale…. huge guys!! Huge!!!!!!

  8. Bitcoin is like the rug doctor. Rug doctor is shit make a mess out of your old technology..its still around because its what people know. Its a branded product.

  9. Again Tony, you're spot on!! The 2 most important crypto to have is XRP and BTC for the long term. HOLD!! Keep up the great videos. Cheers!

  10. My accountant said that if you cash out within 12 months from date of purchase, expect to pay 30% in capital gains tax. Greater than 12 months then 20% in cap gains tax.

  11. I think XRP will be the number #1 for financial transactions, Ethereum the number #1 for smart contracts and Lightcoin the number #1 for daily use.
    Bitcoin will be like gold, the best reserve of value when crypto market crashes.
    I choosed XRP for investing!
    For speculation my choices are Holo and Cardano.

  12. Tony, Ihope you see this and can answer it. Personally I won't lose any money if BitCoin crashes because I don't have any, but I would feel it's impact on the market. But here's my question… What good is a custody solution if China can double spend BitCoin into oblivion? Other than their spyware in our computers and spies in the senate, I can't think of a better Trojan horse to crash out economy again. Don't get me wrong, I want ETFs and ForEx to take off, but we need to leave BitCoin behind.

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