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  1. I'm 44 so I grew up with the stock market and crypto is just the new version of it. The trends are identical. We've had a huge jump, a number of small drops and rises, now we're seeing the bottoming out plateau. We'll probably see this plateau for a while and then we should see the above pattern play out again.

  2. Spot on Tyler! I'm a boomer and not up on a lot of the technical stuff, but feel the same that this will change so much, just look at what is happening on EOS. If I mention crypto to other boomers they look at me a bit blank then if you say Bitcoin they wake up a little!

  3. It's my first time watching one of your videos. I really enjoy your style of delivery. I'll be coming back for more.
    I took a break from following the charts over the last few months, getting back into it now. So glad I got in last year and experienced the drastic ups and downs. I learnt so much and feel much more prepared for whatever comes next. Exciting times!

  4. Thanks Tyler! I think you are right, if the market gets more and more stable it will be better for the whole cryptocurrency market. I think the younger generation is interested in crypto because it is more exciting. haha I am in between, at 40 years old. haha. But I have my 401k already, so it is nice to branch out into crypto. I even do videos about crypto as well. Good times.

  5. A couple weeks ago some guy around 45-50 came up to me when I was getting a new tire for my car and just came out and asked me if I thought starting a tire shop was a good investment, I told him it might be, we kept talking and I told him I invest in bitcoin, he said "bit….coin"? like he never heard of it, that day I decided to buy more, it is still early days!

  6. Amen, to that Tyler! Within two years major adaption and I also think low volitilty meaning more consolidation the coming few week. I believe mid or end of November we will see some moves up. I feel very lucky that we had so many months of low prices, so I was able to invest a good amount of money in a responsible dollar cost average manner. We are lucky to have to chance to invest in crypto while it is still so small. Thanks for your good and positive message. Nice one

  7. Bitcoin …curved my gambling habits….and saved my a ton of losses…. It actually help me save…never could save in a bank account……soo i thank bitcoin. Even if i am 2,000 down for the year….NOT 20,000 LIKEgoing to tracks or casino even lotto & lotto scratch….i may buy a powerball ticket here & their….but NOT like before…and no scratch or ech..soooooo again ThankYou BITCOIN.

  8. CNBC reporters are the biggest whores out there, I've been following crypto since the beginning of 2013 when they were calling us clowns and idiots for believing in this stuff.

    Then suddenly when 1 BTC peaked at 20K USD they couldn't stop talking about how "revolutionary" this was and how everybody should buy in.

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  10. During the gold rush one man bought the local paper and printed FUD convincing the people sitting on gold mining land that their land would be seized. He bought it all up. Basically the same thing happening this year in 2018.

  11. "Institutional investors least favorite token"…….. that means you should probably buy it since institutios generally do not show their hand in trading.

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