ANYBODY HOME? | Paranormal Activity VR (HTC Vive Virtual Reality)

I’ve been waiting for Paranormal Activity VR for a very long time!! LET’S GET SPOOKED Emily Wants To Play VR …


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  1. I turned on the captions and now I'm dying
    1. * gets distracted by pretty half- nosed Michael Jackson lady in corner*
    2.* jack regretting his decision in 3 2 1*
    3.* jack breaks mirror by gently touching it . nice *

  2. * turns on captions*
    Captions as soon as jack says hello to the mannequin: * gets distracted by pretty half – nosed , Michael Jackson lady in the corner*
    me : * dies *

  3. I have this game and I'm pretty chicken, lol. But it wasn't until I watched your playthrough that my suspicions were confirmed – my game was broken. I couldn't change the brightness of the game and out in the woods you could barely see anything. Took me awhile to even find the flashlight, lol. Then the lady with the axe is like…glitched in my game. So when you go upstairs and the book case falls over, she's like…supposed to be walking through to the other room (or at least I think she is) but she's stuck at the door and she's just walking in place. Also like her footsteps are heard EVERYWHERE. Okay, not everywhere. But like in the room with the staircase, you can hear her walking and it makes you think she's constantly behind you. Also the room with the clown, the door on the other side of the room… she got glitched in that door one time. According to your gameplay, she wasn't even supposed to be coming through it but I BARELY saw her hand before I opened the door. Definitely turned back around, lmao.

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