Apple has responded to the charging problems on the iPhone XS and iPhone XS max. WATCH SOME MORE VIDEOS… Unboxing Every Google Pixel 3 XL + …


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  1. Salty Apple slaves can't take a criticism.
    (Even that Fat fuck from Front page tech was being a little fangirl and was crying that Lew was just doing it to get views, just cause he mentioned the problems of his dear fruit company)

  2. People who thinks he's anti Apple makes me laugh way too much… He's editing with finalcut pro and he's using a MacBook Pro in his videos every time he browse for information…

  3. Lol this guy thinks he’s the reason Apple put out the software update. This guy is so full of himself.

    Apple already fixed this problem in its beta

  4. Uncle Lew's call was genuine !
    apart from it, Apple had to give an update regarding the CHARGEGATE issue! So let's go with the flow… In India, perfection of the product at this price is considered seriously "especially when you pay 1 grand"

  5. No idea how some people still think he hates apple, he literally made a video of note 9 exploading. ANYWAYS i really hope you read this comment as there is an issue with the note 9 camera, its laggy and in some phones, switching to 2x zoom in the auto setting will make the shutter freak out and vibrate. Please address this, its making the note 9 camera sound stupidly cheap.

  6. Wow. Pixel 3 comes out, you would think an objective youtuber would then follow that up with criticism of that phone after its release.

    Instead this dude still talks about the iPhone and deletes the comments LOL

  7. Remember the useless iPhone Apple sold to millions of people then had to give everyone a bumper case to solve the issue? what a time to be alive….

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