BULLISH News From Yale & TD Ameritrade | When Will Bitcoin Breakout?

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Is the Bitcoin price ready to break out soon? I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Also, Yale University is investing in cryptocurrencies and TD Ameritrade is also moving into crypto. Very bullish Bitcoin news, so watch the video to learn more!

0:46 Inverted Chart
4:10 Breakout?
6:36 Crypto News
7:15 TD Ameritrade
10:32 Yale News
16:48 Bullish News, Not Bullish Price
18:44 Q&A
19:05 Korean Volume
23:55 How To Invest In Crypto

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  1. The main reason the 20K top sold–off into this correction is that the south Korean government stop the the flow of fiat into crypto via banks. S. Korea accounted for 40% of the volume. The big news is that money flow has just been turned back on.

  2. Everynight I watch your video before I go to bed (I live in Dubai), your voice works as cocaine for me and i'm addicted to it, your market analysis covers every aspect of the market from fundamentals to technical which really convince me to your view point, keep working on more interesting content. and do share a normal day of your personal life with us, thanks

  3. They say don’t invest in what you don’t understand, and very very few people really understand bitcoin, or can explain its current massive valuation, as there is no real explanation apart from “have faith” and HODL. I think this is the calm before the massive sell off when the majority of HODLers who are confused and inexperienced and bought in with FOMO and fake promises by weird and eccentric people such as John McAfee will finally lose heart and trust, and sell off and free up cash for Christmas…and cut their loses. The recent bull “news” is so trivial it’s hardly worth mentioning. But Carl I likeyourvideos and your TA

  4. Hi carl, nice video again. I really like that you responded to some interesting comments. Can you show us and analyze charts of shorts/longs levels more often or do you think they are not so relevant?

  5. Thanks for covering those two news items. When an institution buys BTC from an OTC broker, that OTC broker will be selling BTC but they need to obtain those BTC to begin with. Every trade – whether OTC or directly on exchange – will have an impact on the market unless it's a rare case of a broker who puts a seller in touch with a buyer and vice-versa directly .

  6. Many analysts think BTC price is currently following 2015 movements. If we believe that history repeats itself we should expect to see the BTC Bullrun start in Nov. if it follows 2016 it won't be until late Dec.

  7. im not even a trader i just come here to learn 🙂 yet i understand why he flip the chart. is that mean i pass level 1 🙂 note english is my second 🙂 Carl (the Napoleon Dynamite i call you Dynamite coz you are Dynamite means badd ass to slang you are very good on explaining Chart) thanx

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