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  1. This is a great game. It takes a lot of inspiration from Dark Souls but has it's own character for sure. I hope Deck13 make more games in this genre. It fits them. I really enjoyed Lord of the Fallen. It had many bugs alright, but the gameplay I really enjoyed. I'd recommend this to anybody who enjoyed Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

  2. How were the bosses not mentioned at all? Aren't they like one of the biggest appeals with games like this? I've just got to the first boss and I mean that thing is already worth mentioning on its own…

  3. This is one of the few souls like games that really differentiates itself. Salt and sanctuary (which is great) and lords of the fallen were too similar in setting and style. This game is really excellent visually and the combat is pretty great but needs to be a bit tighter. Im really hyped for surge 2.

  4. Dark souls, dark souls and we have dark souls. IGN should be sued for referring and comparing every other game to Dark souls. Video game industry is just too corrupted.

  5. Imo its a gorgeous looking game, and although longer and more ambitious than lords of the fallen, it fails in delivery on everything else except grapghics. I had the game crash multiple times on XBoxOne and some of the crashes made me lose my chance at collecting a rarer item in the game. to be frank, the combat is a mess. theres very little you can do than to find enough space to dodge and lunge attack because enemies hit really hard, interrupt your swings and often the only way to interrupt enemy swing is by making its hp 0 or going for a cut. All together every enemy could generally be gathered(killed with actual loot dropping) with the same approach and it made it grindier. Talking about cutting, i enjoyed it in the beginning but later it started to get really tedious and feel like more of a chore than a reward.Story was really cut and paste and very soon you realize t that every conversation that has "Do you know what's going on?" Is followed by a "No clue" answer. At this point I'm fairly certain that the developers of this game don't know either. Art department deserves credit though. Most of the Armor and weapon systems, fodder enemies and bosses look stunning and thought out. The UI though… Ohh boy it was painful and hard to look at. Drone and Injectinle setting being shone as tiny font in the bottom right corner and as a pinky sized un recognizable symbol up left made me die more times than I care to admit, ultimately making me use only one injectible and drone. This is a problem, cause you can tell that experimenting with consumable combat enhancements seemed like something the creators wanted, but ultimately the visual design of something so simple as a UI made it just detremental. Ohh boy and my biggest issue yet. Jesus God Almighty help you when searching for one particular implant in a sea of square icons that all look the same and have forgettable names. This adding to everything stated earlier combines into a very diverse set of tactics and builds to try, that ultimately go unused because switching out your build is JUST Too DAMN HARD and takes ages. I wanted to like this game cause I love Souls types and Futuristic sci-fi settings but everything felt so clunky that I ultimately ended up hating most of it. 4/10I might have forgotten something so comment if you share my experience or disagree.

  6. i did not see a single unique looking monster in this review. or at least one that i recognized as unique. Unique looking monsters are like the only reason i played dark souls, not necessary because of how difficult the darksouls games are. played just for the monsters and the lore that you have to put together yourself.

  7. I really dig this game. The first level is really easy, while the second level is way tougher in comparison, but after you get a wee bit better, the game is awesome. You don't breeze through it, but you definitely feel powerful.

    As for the AI, I intentionally fought an enemy over a hundred times in a row, and he switched up how he started the battle each time. That's not to say he started it differently one hundred times, but he definitely didn't use the same approach more than once in a row. These encounters helped me to see the games' nuances.

    I didn't expect this game to be excellent, but it's actually better than Lords of the Fallen, as the combat is much more fluid, and it feels as if you have a chance to crush everything in yer path, whereas with Lords it was as if you were just seeing how far you could get before inevitably getting destroyed.

    Another area I would like to compare this game with its spiritual predecessor is NG+. The enemies understandably get tougher in this game, but in Lords it was like the game just didn't want you to succeed. Don't get me wrong, I like Lords of the Fallen, but I love The Surge. I'm even willing to go as far as to say I enjoyed it more than Dark Souls III and Bloodborne.

    Also, I like the music that plays in the safe area. It even made me check out the artist.

  8. I love this game, I'd put it in the top 3 of 2017 with Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn. If you have a PS4 Pro and a HDR capable setup it looks way better in person than in any YouTube videos.

  9. You keep saying ''this mechanic or story doesn't work in this game''… if so, then you don't you propose an alternative? …you know, what might have worked better in its place. Such as ''instead of 10 to 15 hours of explorations, the devs. should have reduced it to 5 hour instead''

    …this off-putting review and reviewer aside, I will check out ''The Surge''.

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