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  1. I personally got a feeling that the controls are going to be an issue if there was a way to dock Controllers into portrait mode Stiles switch then I would buy the extra utility to do it so you can play this game like the old DS version

  2. I'm honestly kind of surprised this got such a high score considering on how much you were hating on the controls. Having 2 separate scores for this would've been great, I want to see how high of a score this game would have gotten if only undocked mode was considered.

  3. The fact that they're charging $60 for this still makes no sense at all to me. They're not trying to introduce a great game to new people, they're trying to milk the people who've already played it. Great idea.

  4. “One of the best DS games ever made,” while true, rings hollow coming from someone who admitted in the nintendo podcast to never having played it. This review is garbage

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