Bitcoin Breakout Signal Found & Potential Catalyst for a Bullmarket!


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About the Author: sunny decree


  1. We Just broke out of the symmetric triangle to the downside. Bearish! You dont know What you are talking about. The narrowing bollinger bands are indicating upcoming volatility. Down OR Up. Down was more likely, since we are in a downtrend and Last touch of the support line didnt give us a strong bounce showing weakness of the bulls. People need to educate themselves or Just hodl n chill the fuck out.

  2. I think we've already broken out of the wedge, but 6666.6 will be retested a few times before a breakout. It probably took 20 minutes of testing 6600 before it broke, after it had already been tested and retested. I started doing leverage for the first time yesterday. I wish there were more volatility. Oh nice! A 10% discount on trading fees. I pay 0.06% maker fees on my other exchange.

  3. The only dumb people nowadays are the people that still don’t believe in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to all the doubters and naysayers we will have our redemption someday! I’m pretty sure they will jump on the bandwagon once bitcoin is expensive, like a sheep they always follow when it’s too late ?

  4. lol this guy really
    few months back he didn't wanted to believe in ta in anyway, he just tries to cover up newses and shilled btc anyway. Now nothing is working so he starting to believe in TA and creating videos on it because no new content LMAO Decree…. really dude

  5. Awesome video! I think you should also review Neblio. They have a huge potential, considering how they have their own blockchain supply. Also, their desktop wallet is staking 10% / year! You shoudl definitely check it out

  6. Man, you’re assuming when the volatility increases, it will go up. It can, of course, but a descending triangle has 73% probabilities of breaking downwards. If volatility increases and it goes down, I will laugh so much.

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  8. Speculation, speculation, speculation. That is all this channel is. You've been saying all year that a bull market is right around the corner, you obviously don't have a clue. Plus you are constantly flip flopping and contradicting yourself, bearish video one day, bullish vid the next, it's very annoying. Unsubbed.

  9. ICO to Bitcoin could be positive to BTC, but we all have seen what happened with ETH this year, so I wouldn't be too positive. I think XRP could be a better bet ….

  10. The most important question is how do you trade what you see? where is your stop and how strong you are going in long in a bearmarket and so on. Even if you have the luck to be right will you make money or still fail due wrong moneymanagement? By the way HV does not help you for future trades. Use IV instead.

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