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Is Codemasters’ latest racer a must-have for motorheads? Head over to IGN for more Dirt Showdown: …


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  1. the game has more to offer than what he says it still has the same maps but it has more cars, challenges, and much more plus he left out a lot of the game he only went over a fraction of the game I've played through the whole game and it is unbelievable on how amazing everything is and what he said is mostly bullshit the game has added a lot more detail and has added physics to the cars so it is more of a challenge and the game is about racing and it may have the same maps but they are never identical (race wise) you don't always get first place the cars you race against are always on you they are a challenge to get past and to stay in front of it perfectly resembles real racing and the crash derby part of the game is that way to give you stress and try to get as many points as possible the is not to be a walk in the park it is suppose to be challenging and the games cars do haze physics as an example you can lose doors hoods and even parts of the metal you can even break the lights except the front lights and they did that on purpose and the maps you race on them a lot but not for the same thing the game has 11 single/multiplayer games Race Off, Eliminator, Domination, Rampage, Knock Out, 8 Ball, Hard Target, Head 2 Head, Smash Hunter, Trick Rush, And Joyride but they lead two different maps except 8 ball it has its own set of maps and the game has gotten a lot better since then trust me

  2. this game isn't so bad, it sure lacks content and feels like a much smaller game than any other DIRT title but if you enjoy the codemasters driving gameplay, like me, this shouldn't displease you, specially since it is so damn cheap now ( no one playing in multiplayer now on PC though, same with DIRT 3)

  3. A great game that suffered from a lack of content, and the fact that not all cars can be unlocked offline if you cared to upgrade the others.

    Fact of the matter is, much like MotorStorm 1 and 2, this game has the one thing that EVERY racer this GTB is missing; PERSONALITY.
    Just so many games feel so dull and lifeless. Whether it's the boring, lifeless tracks of Asseto Corsa and Project CARS, or the empty countryside of The Crew and FH2, these games just need more flavour to them.
    I mean, FH2 tried with their little festival hub. But that doesn't even cover 5% of the game's map. You lose that sensation the moment you escape to the open countryside.

    Codemasters and Evolution Studios are apparently working on a project together at the moment. And I really hope it's a bigger, better version of DiRT Showdown with a MotorStorm twist.

  4. Why are so many bashing IGN? Although this wasn't exactly Dirt Rally, the reviewer specifically excoriated the lack of content; that would hurt any game.
    This game looks fun and has personality and a good soundtrack. If there were more locations and event types, I would have picked this up.
    READ the reviews, people. That's why they exist.

  5. I found a key for a free copy of this game in a letter I found that I received from AMD in 2012. The key expired April 30, 2013, but I guess you could say the creators of Steam can't tell time.

  6. perfection doesnt exist and even if it was theres always people that wouldnt think it is, so please don`t rate a game based on how "not perfect it is" sigh

  7. I really hope DiRT returns to it's rally roots from DiRT1 and the McRae series after the string of disappointments their past few games have been. There really isn't any new rally games out there, aside from the awful WRC game. If DiRT ever went back to its roots for campaign and kept the awesome Online modes from DiRT2 they would sell millions

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