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  1. What is this luck! Just when I finished watching this video. I look on the PlayStation store and find the GOTY edition on sale for $10. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Big empty set pieces with button mashing combat, fetch quests, useless loot. I guess it could be bearable if the gameplay had been interesting, but I did not connect at all to this game, it just felt empty

  3. I have too many other games to play. I don't have time to spend all week on one game. I'm out. If this were the only game ever made then, yeah, I wold spend 200 hours on it

  4. I finished the campaign yesterday, it took me about 3 years since I’ve played other games and stopped with this one. I was and am still amazed at how wonderful this game is, I’ll be playing it again tonight!! Haha😂❤️

  5. On paper, this game has everything to make me play it for hundreds of hours… In practice, I've played it for 7 hours and uninstalled it from my PC and installed Dragon Age 1. What does that tell me? Even though DA1 has worse graphics and it is not an open world game, it has much better story, atmosphere and characters. For me personally, DA3 is a failure, not as big as DA2, but still a failure.

  6. The acting, dialogue, and screenplay are the soul of this game. You don't just talj to characters, they move aroundnduring conversations ans dialogue is incredibly meaningful. It isn't limited to party members either. Your character can interact just as deeply, with the entourage that is the inquisitor's supporting generals.

    It is here that I disagree with this man's assessment. The story and plot are accessible via constsnr character interaction, and less through storyline gameplay. The characrers each have their own personnalities, as well as unique and meaningful roles and perspectives of Fereldon, its political systems and religious amp.

    As for the religion–Andrastrianism is pulled into focus here, with a clever and intellectual relationship with both political and military paradigms. This is a masterpiece of storytelling, character development, acting, and storyboarding.

  7. I got this game at a used game store for a bargain: $5, no joke. Since it was so cheap, I expected it to be a pretty bad game. I was dead wrong! I love this game and I can't stop playing it. To me, the plot makes sense; it may take a lot of thinking and assuming, but the plot does make sense.

  8. This game is great but I don't think it has as in depth rpg mechanics as origins. I don't really like the voiced protagonist because you never know what they're really gonna say.

  9. This is the most split down the middle opinon game I've ever seen. It's like if someone says they love it, there's always a catch. And if they say they hate it, they say "well this part was ok". I don't get it.

  10. I started this game and found it fun but ended up giving up at some point. Probably about as far as I got in dragon age origins before giving up on that game as well. And never played #2. Funny how I played games with similar combat system like knights of the old republic and did finish those games but just couldn’t get through these.

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