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  1. I expected something along the lines of Far Cry 5 co-op but with Fallout, this looks nothing like that. Its more like those shitty survival games but without the freedom that those games provide.

  2. At some point someone made a decision that all human characters must be human players. That's a colossal design limitation and I suspect it'll be the primary factor that hurts everything else. It basically makes the game, at best, online only. If there were NPCs, you have more freedom to make interesting missions and a far more palatable single player experience.

    Heck, just write it into the story: all the humans are gone/killed and so every NPC is a bot, mutant, ghoul, of some sort.

  3. I like how people were crying for multiplayer and other things from Bethesda and now all of them are mad that they got this

    L m A o

    JuSt bE hAppY brO

  4. Does the game offer a sense of overarching purpose and goal? Otherwise I worried that you just explore and shoot things until you get bored of exploring and shooting things.

  5. It would have been a even better review if the speaker didn’t have such a heavy accent and if he didn’t talk so fast, ruins such a great review

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