*LIVE* Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple XRP, EOS Technical Analysis and market update #18

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WELCOME to our LIVE TRADING session. We are joined by BullyTrading which are sharing their terminal screens with us in order to see real live trades being taken by fund traders.

Actual Trading on this Channel is For Educational Purposes only and NOT Investing Advice. This is LIVE trading, and our room trader is taking actual positions based on predetermined risk assessment and technical analysis. Large to Mid Market Cap non-security Cryptocurrency only. During live sessions you may request specific small cap coin analysis but may be up to the room trader’s discretion. BullyTrading LLC is a crypto asset management fund with AUM. However, the live trades here are NOT investor assets being traded. Rather they are proprietary managed assets and may reflect current market conditions or delayed market conditions, several API platforms, proprietary accounts, and paper trading accounts. Again, these charts are for educational purposes. Follow recommendations and never invest any amount you are not willing to lose and always have market investments as part of a diversified portfolio with Cryptocurrency making up no more than 15-30% of your total account balance. SEC rules BTC & ETH as not a security.

Expect to see the following Trading Strategies in use:
Fibonnaci Buy/Sell Zones
EMA convergence/divergence Momentum
Stoch RSI w ATR Emerging Trends
Chart Pattern Breakouts
Supply & Demand Level Confirmations
All Long and Short Trades taken are 3:1 Risk to Reward Ratio on 4X Margin w an Entry, Stop Loss & Target(s) setup.
Risk per trade – no more than 2%

Recommended Exchanges:
Bitcoin Trading
Kraken Margin or Gemini No Margin – Both are BTC Spot Pricing
Margin Trading (Large Cap)
Kraken (4x leverage)
NordFX (100x-1000x leverage) https://nordfx.com/accounts.html?id=1250946
Altcoin Trading
Binance https://www.binance.com/?ref=28286933
Margin Trading (Alt/Small Cap)
Bitcoin Derivatives
(US compliant) Futures: CME, CBOE, OkCoin (outside US) Bitmex
(US compliant) Options: LedgerX, Nadex (outside US) Deribit
Crypto Data Feed: Blockchain terminal
Market Cap: Cryptocompare.com
News: CCN.com, Bloomberg.com/crypto
ICO valuations: ICObench.com
Crypto Asset Management: AntiquaFinancial.com

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-This is not financial advice.
– Cryptocurrencies and related technologies are extremely volatile. Never invest more than you are able to lose without seriously impacting your life.
– The views expressed in the videos are the opinion of the creators.
– Your finances are your responsibility, be responsible.


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