Tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy Shilling for Google & Hating on Apple

I love watching tech youtubers and every once in a while I’ll see this heavily biased channel on my homepage despite clicking “not interested” countless times …


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  1. So you're hating on a guy because he's actually making big money off talking about fucking cell phones? ? idgaf what it is, just like Dave Chappelle said, Pepsi paid him most recently therefor it tastes better than Coca Cola. Find your niche and make your money or be broke.

  2. "Indian people do not like apple because its expensive , obviously."

    This guy doesnt know a thing about Indians.
    Lou may have a disliking to apple but this weird conspiracy theory about how Indians don"t like apple so watch his videos is very silly.
    Indians are not poor and they certainly dont hate apple. In fact even poor Indians who cant afford iPhones buy them.

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