What YOU NEED To Hear About BITCOIN! [Cryptocurrency Perspective & Motivation]

Watch this video! There is nothing wrong with a little Bitcoin Perspective & Motivation.

This is a journey my friends! It’s not gonna happen tomorrow, but get ready for one hell of a ride!

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  3. We have to be honest to ourselves:

    The few people that control this planet have a plan to keep their wealth and power in their hands, they are egotistic and evil, no one is going to NOT buy crypto when this all rolls out in the coming years due to our human egotistic nature for self preservation.

    We can't enter the pilots cabin. We get locked up for trying to interfere.
    You can either choose first class now or ride in cargo bay later on when the old fiat system slowly switches to digital.

    Digital money is easier to control and it's easier to cut the participants from the system when they don't follow the rules of the system.
    It's just modern slavery, get used to it.

  4. Riding the wave up taking some profits not loosing it all and still above break even. Did some FOMO and freak out gave back some gains felt it all learned how it all works, priceless! Continued my learning thru this down trend. Now stalking my prey so many 10,20,30x gains to reach just at the previous ATH. Then where will it go sky is the limit. When we hear weakness in the dollar the flood gates will open wide and BTC will launch into the stratosphere making unsustainable gains while the greedy buy in for the REKTing with out understanding to be the future bag holders.

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