CNBC Cryptotrader news: The future of the Utility Token

At Singapore Blockchain Week we asked some tough questions:

1. What is the future of the utility token?
2. Can XRP keep the number 2 spot?
3. Is the move from the SEC one step closer to an ETF.

We cover the whole blockchain scene in Singaporte


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  1. Everyone is buying Bitcoin Diamond because the smartest programmers in Singapore are behind BCD Baazar. They secured one of the biggest jeweler in America to accept BCD and one of biggest Wall paper supplier to also accept BCD as currency. They just launch BCD Baazar as the next Amazon on blockchain. Amazon fears BCD as it is selling same items cheaper using BCD as currency.

  2. Most ppl are too stupid, sorry to say that guys. If btc was going to go to zero the financial world would never even look in to it or talk about it!. Btc is everywhere already. Put your tv on financial market they talk about it everyday. Yes its bad talk wow btc down 10% its crashing bla bla. Next day we are upp 10% they only say btc is back up. Its crazy folks! That is why I trade daily and make best profits with the help of Mr Thomas Godina, I made up to 16Btc last week trading with his accurate signals, I always follow the right trader you can also get to him for help on Email/skype

  3. RAN, it's time to go beyond the question of "Are you bullish". Yes we are all freakin bullish. that won't change. Let's go to know the real stories behind crypto projects. We want to know what people are actually doing to save the world. It's an interesting technology and we shouldnt be wasting time talking bull and bear.

  4. Ran, America will not surrender its sovereignty, great speech by president Trump at the UN. If you read prophecy starting from the book of the prophet Daniel chapter 2 in the last books of the Old Testament, then read the last Book of the Bible, Revelation chapters 13 to 18, you will get the big picture that simply lead to a conclusion that the Globalist's will wait for Trump to finish his terms, then get the on with their program of forcing US to relinquish its sovereignty. They will have their proxy leader in the White House, a leader who will turn US into a fascist country. That will be the leader who will use American resources to police the whole world to worship the Beast that Gives its wicked Mark. This leader will be alliance with the 10 remaining members of the EU after many will opt out if EU in various ways.

    USA is on stage 7 the last stage of Superpower life cycle as Glub Prasha observed

    1. The age of outburst (or pioneers).
    2. The age of conquests.
    3. The age of commerce.
    4. The age of affluence.
    5. The age of intellect.
    6. The age of decadence.
    7. The age of decline and collapse

    The globalists are aware of this are are waiting patiently to go for the kill as soon president Trump is out of office. For the time being they are busy rolling our their truly global financial system, a system underpinned by blockchain + cryptocurrency + tokenization of everything via IOT and 5G tech. Without this system in place they cannot force everyone to worship the beast and accept its mark and lockout of the financial system all those who refuse to accept the beast mark. Blockchain will enable easy tracking of our financials, it will be easy to lock dissenter out of the blockchain so that they will not be able to buy or sell, not able to function unless they are off the grid in the wilderness where they cannot be tracked.
    Its a matter of time until the Bible script plays out as God predicted/prophesied via Daniel & John the revelator.

    I am not for the globalists but want you to be realistic about current and future events.

    Globalists plan for thousands of years, the New Work Order was planned more than 5000 years ago after the first attempt was thwarted by God in Iraq(Babylon) at the Tower of Babel. Globalists are implementing the plan with minor distractions like election of Trump. They will eventually have the NWO but it will be shortlived as God will intervene again this time as his only Son Jesus will come to destroy the NWO and end its cruelty, persecution of Gods people during a time when people's moral compass will be non existent, Gods spirit will be removed and it will no longer ensure a sound moral compass in us S/He that is evil let him be evil, he that is righteous let him be righteous. That will be the time of the globalists were people will sin without the restraint of the Holhy Spirit. Horrible for those who will be alive in those days. Isaiah chapter 24 give us a hint of those days.

    The election of president Trump is like God giving us all a second chance to fix things with God while Trump is in office. After Trump all hell will break loose.

    You have been warned. Fix your relationship with God. Life eternal is free, Jesus made it free. Freely accept the greatest gift, ertenal life with God.

    "Time is a good judge of one's decisions" JV…Sept 2018

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  6. If the really smart people want to move wealth between themselves then that’s up to them, but please don’t take money from the regular tax paying people. Most of us are happy and do not like this fake hype. I will stick to bitcoin and maybe one or two others.

  7. Sentinel – how do u provide assurance someone isn’t tagging to a different cow? How can u trust the person putting the data on the blockchain

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