Ferrari Reaction – Top 10 from 2015

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Looking back at 2015, here are my Top 10 Ferrari Reactions!

Music: Jim Yosef – Firefly [NCS Release] :


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  1. it is not a crime to have nice things no matter the circumstances, however it sure seems like some people are so envious and hateful that someone has something they do not they can justify vandalism and atrocious behavior.

  2. What type of person takes the rear view mirror from the driver. Even if that lady didn’t understand the fire thing she’s an asshole for even trying that. Covers rescues mirror and then has the nerves to say the car isn’t safe as if she didn’t just commit a safety violation for driving in general.

  3. Just saw this. #3 was by far my favorite. Great fun. No one gets hurt and a look into the minds of people. You make exposing these things look easy, but it is not. Party on.

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