Is the BULL Market Coming? – Daily Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News

We’ve seen a lot of sideways movement the past few days, is the bull marketing coming? Some say no but tune in to hear my thoughts! Get the latest Bitcoin news and the latest crypto news today!

Tune in and find out! Tune in 10:30 am CST every day to learn about Bitcoin, Altcoins and Crypto market news.

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  1. when you check the bitcoin charts the highs are higher now, but if you check the total market cap all the lows are lower.. thats why it will keep falling i guess..

  2. George, great thought. as for me, i am not particularly sure of the bullrun this year anymore. it could dip even further if you ask me. Only time will tell. But $1 trillion at the end of this year sounds a bit too exaggerating to me.

    Also, George, what do you know about Digitex? you should totally check it out if you do reviews. Digitex will offer bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum futures without commission fees.

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  5. Smart people accumulating, not so smart people shorting. If you belong to the smart group. You should'nt forget DADI (DADI) out of your portfolio. It had a steady price all through the bear market. The team is experienced they deliver according to their roadmap. Has actual usecase. They have releases in the next months. And if the bulls will come, it will skyrocket. DYOR

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  7. Great Video, available supply. 17.3million / 21 million with a Market cap of $113,701,123,997 24 hours high and lows, $6,545.64 / $6,616.57 as of 5/10/2018 at 7:01am GMT I Think there is a couple more dives before it goes back up maybe more, I only ever buy when I think its near rock bottom and only been wrong 7 times out of 19

  8. I've had a coinbase account since 2012 and at the beginning of this year I also tried to sign up for a Gemini account….they did not approve me. They would not tell me why or even reply outside a form letter. Anyone else have this problem?

  9. Always money to be made shorting cryptocurrency, look there is no real use case for any of these coins plus with another 1000 more tokens and coins up for Ico before 2019 it's just gonna water the market down diverting money around # short btc to 5k

  10. ..what has EOS done to prove they deserve any of our faith / money? This is a testnet and chain management fled with piles of cash. Governance experiment failing. I think it’s buyer beware for the foreseeable future.

  11. Thinking about selling all my Etherum and Bitcoin Cash around Novemberish around the forks  buyt into bitcoin, stellar, xrp, , tron ,.  Not sure yet but also want to get into some DAPPS and Civil CYL ICO

  12. Thanks for the video George. I guess it´s very hard making videos in such "boring" periods. Market is still too much bullish. We won´t see a bull market before bitcoin is not down to 3k / market cap below 100b. Wanna get in with my fiat but my entry price is set to 2.999k. When are we going to see that dip? Hopefully it happens soon, I am loosing patience.

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