Supercars in London April 2018 Part 2

Supercars on the streets – April hasn’t disappointed so far, that’s for sure! Good to see more hypercars on the road again, got a feeling this summer will be amazing!

Enjoy the video!

Lamborghini Aventador S,Aventador Superveloce, Huracan Performante, Ferrari 812 Superfast, 458 speciale, Laferrari, F12 TDF, Bugatti Veyron, …

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  1. Great video. Tomorrow my mom gonna be in London and I ask her to spot for me so what spots u used in this video specially when its this time of the year when Arab summer is not here. And what time it's take from each spot?
    If u have any tips I would be grateful

  2. I know it might be hard and/or tedious but could you please time stamp the cars you see, as in, not in the description box but when you see the cars.. or could you please tell me the day and time you film these because I come out here sometimes to do some carspotting but I hardly see the awesome whips 🙁
    maybe say the day/time you filmed them in all your future vids?? Thanks Buddy

  3. Great video ? also just want to say I went to London a few days ago to go to the ferrari under the skin museum. It was a great experience. Gordon Ramsays la ferrari aperta was there. After we went to hrowen lamborghini and ferrari. Great video. Thanks for making these epic videos!

  4. I saw that you use a VX770 earlier on another video and Instantly I went out to Curry’s and ordered a VX870 for collection tomorrow! I love your videos! Keep it up man!

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