The Great C – The First 5 Minutes Of This Cinematic Virtual Reality Movie

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I show you the first 5 minutes of The Great C on Oculus Rift. The Great C is a cinematic movie experience in virtual reality based on the original story by Philip K …


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  1. I liked it. I watched it in comfort mode because I didn't feel like going for a roller coaster ride. But in the beginning I was wondering if this story would work just fine in 2D instead of VR (or perhaps VR 180 degrees). Near the end of the movie as the story intensified, my anxiety level intensified as well. I felt like I was being led around on a leash (and I was only in comfort mode). When you're in VR, you're stuck along for the ride like the guy watching the movies in Clockwork Orange. And like that guy, I don't know if I can handle watching the movie again. And this was just a PG-13 animation. This movie is a step in the right direction but I think producers and directors are going to have to go through a lot of iterations before marketing VR movies to the general public.

  2. I hope people dont get a refund after watching it for 40 minutes for free otherwise we never gonna have vr movies. you can always watch again especially how beautiful visual in vr.

  3. It is an amazing visual experience, played it last night. What are your opinions on games like this in the long run. Are costs to make it worth it where the experience is a one and done for the individual? I worry about that sometimes because if the initial reviews out the gate are poor, and the replay is not much for those who already bought it, could be a large barrier to success. I over-analyze in my brain too much!

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