The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don’t Buy It.

This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone, …


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  1. I got the iPhone XS, and I love it. It’s a dramatic upgrade from my old 6. The premium feel that he was talking about is very relatable. You pay $1000 and it feels like a $1000 phone. The phone is fast, the camera is A-Grade and the battery easily lasts the day. I didn’t bother paying for the Max or extra storage, and I personally don’t need either of those. I highly recommended this phone.

  2. Why don't you make videos about weird gadgets anymore? I'm tired of this phone stuff. Just leave that to other youtubers and do what you are best at!

  3. Lew wanna be invited to the Apple event again next year. You hated on the Iphone X, but now suddenly you can be positive about the S update…? Wich is the same thing..

  4. I would consider myself sort of an apple fan boy. But this review of an notable android lover is by far the most honest and best review of the iPhone XS i have seen so far.

  5. I love apple product but its so expensive.
    Also i love apple because of the software update.
    Not like android,
    you need to wait a long time to get the update even on pure android,android one and android go family software.
    The update will come but we need to wait for the developer give the update.
    Im using android so don't get me wrong.
    I love android but i need every smartphone company use android one program software.
    I have a problem with bloatware.
    Well this is my opinion…..
    Sorry for bad english.
    Also,Lew do you mind to review nokia midranger device.

  6. I know facts can be stubborn so here goes…
    1. At the moment, the iphone & the iOS are superior, but the pricing is just ludicrous!
    2. Android is getting better and smarter everyday and soon just like you put it, everything will come down to COST!
    Greeting UT…from Kenya with love!

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