The Perfect Laptop & Gadget Bag

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PRODUCT LINKS BELOW Pacsafe Z400 – EARPLANES – Sony Bluetooth Headphones …


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  1. Yeah so the bag won’t rip, then (maybe) thieves will take the bag itself with all your stuff in it. Your laptop, headphones, hard drive, chargers…Plus a $200 bag as a bonus

  2. tbf a $200 bag is still cheaper than having your wallet of something else stolen, definitely worth it if you travel a lot with your laptop/tablet imo!

  3. Just bought one in 2017. People say just steal the bag.smh 1st of all, anything can be stolen. This bag is meant ward off pickpckets and lurkers that wait for you to put your bag down and strike. If you were in an airport and used the uncuttable strap to secure the bag to a chair built into the floor, you could go to sleep and your bag would be safe. You can put actual locks on all the zippers. A thief cut not cut the strap off, cut the bag open, or unzip the bag. Taking the bag would be kinda impossible using the strap.

  4. I hate to break it to some of the guys but I can equalize my hearing by blowing my nose while blocking my nostrils. I'm pretty sure some people are like me.

  5. Bought my self a Tigernu tech-bag for 22 bucks. Water repellent and scratch proof with anti theft features and has a lots of compartments. That bag is really durable and did not dent my pockets buying it. Lol

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