XRP Bg123 $589 Believers – The Sky is Falling Oct 10th – Global Reset

XRP Bg123 $589 Believers – The Sky is Falling Oct 10th – Global Reset

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  1. If I'm an institution and I need to send $500 million Dollars in XRP…So I go to Bittrex, and there is only $145 million worth of sell orders, and the lowest XRP sell price is $0.50 and the highest price in that sell wall is $300…then all of a sudden the price of XRP is now worth $300 because this one transaction is going to consume the entire sell wall. Now we have a $300 XRP token. Now you still have $355 million that needs to be purchased…So at $300 XRP, you better believe sellers are going to come out of the wood works and it could then hop in a short amount of time to $500, maybe $600 until this remaining $355million is consumed. Now say the last sell was at $600. Now we have XRP worth $600. So when the next institution tries to push through an order of say $1billion then it's only going to take 1,666,666 XRP tokens at $600 to fulfill the order….This is roughly what we are looking at peeps. Once high dollar institutional orders start pumping through, the price is going to shoot up and it's going to shoot up FAST…probably in a matter of hours, if not minutes.

  2. Today is 10/10/18 the day that the global reset is supposed to start, according to conspiracy theorists. The Nasdaq dropped 4.44% today and the DOW dropped 831 points.

  3. 1000 of videos about all this HYPE shit, but no one is competent to explain why XRP price is going down 🙂 🙂 Like somebody is selling? Who? Who is selling XRP in this price? Why? What is the reason? I dont know, but something is fishy here. Something smells like shit here.

  4. Kung Fu this is not a paradox… It's a temporal pair of socks it's a temporal pair of socks! In other words you just don't know what you're talking about. Liquidity is volume times the price per token.. if you have low volume and high liquidity, you'll have a very stable price. If you have high volume and low liquidity, you will have a volatile price. It's not a matter of xrp not being able to handle large amounts because it doesn't have enough liquidity.. the problem is there's not enough liquidity to insure a stable price. However as more exchanges and Banks began sending high value through low volume, this will increase the price. Thus increasing liquidity..

  5. With liquidity I seen an interview with Schwartz about it and he said if liquidity is a problem Ripple have a provision there to “hire” a third party to provide the required amount.

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