My HONEST REVIEW of Black Ops 4 So Far… (Full Release)

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Black Ops 4 is officially here! At long last, the full game is out and everyone has access to it… so the big question is: how is it? • BO4’s Snowy Nuketown Reveal!


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  1. I kind of don’t like old COD maps being in the game off release. I played these maps for years I didn’t want to pay $60 and come back to COD finally and play maps I already played 😑

  2. Oh my god. You speak so fast and have so little focus on narrative that this was painful to watch and I had to stop because you made me dizzy.

  3. So playing the game over the last 48 hours off and on I've found some bugs that are bothersome. Looking them up other players went to rededit when the problem(s). Here is the link. I hope a voice in the community can get Activision to fix them.

    Also one thing I miss that's in every call of duty. Where's lethal and tactical options? Sure you can find lethal, but no sticky grenades at all, and can't really find tactical options. They sure made a change in this game, but hoping to see an update that offers more of that COD experience for multiplayer.

  4. but $80 is too much for a game without single play for mulit only is should be $40 it came free with my video card or i would not get it because ity doesnt have a story for that price

  5. Game is trash in my opinion . They could of done better . Has a lot of bugs with lag issues. You get out gunned by smgs . I got first shot multiple times dropped the opponent to 2% health then all of a sudden I loose the gun fight … makes no sense lol . Plus I never got anything for me playing the beta or preordering the $100 one . Plus it's so damn annoying with the camping in corners with the shield and barb wire or the jump shotting around corners lol so damn annoying. Hit detection is off balance I noticed a few times my bullets didnt register until the 5th bullet

  6. I honestly think Bo4 will be popular for a couple months until they add supply drops in I just have a feeling it’s gonna be the same supply drop system like bo3 which was terrible imo

  7. What are you talking about saying the score streaks are phenomenal?? The score streaks freaking suck!! They’re so bugged and don’t even work! The strike team gets dropped as soon as they hit the ground.

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