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  1. By the way, nobody saw the huge money coming in last May 2017. I fully expect the same exact thing to happen again. How soon? Very soon? Soon? Kind of soon?

  2. Its funny how people come here looking for a trade call or two in a market like this one, and when they dont get any lose interest quickly and become negative. If you have dont have any patience you shouldnt be in crypto.

  3. Everyone keeps saying the want the prices to drop again . I don,t because we had 9 months to load the boat alil each month so we should all be ready. I just hope crypto doesnt keep going up to 7,000 plus and keep slamming down over and over like its been slamming for along time everytime it does. We really really need whitedove live ! Even snip said he wants whitedove to come on to ease peoples minds if cryptos still getting ready to explode this year. If not then id hope she would let us know.ty 4 vid.

  4. Joe, this video is full of bullshit, one big ass infomercial… there info and knologe on LTC and is extreamly lacking… these guys can go F them selves…

  5. I know these guys are good and there TA would probably be spot-on if this economy remain the same but I think there are too many upcoming changes that they cannot factor in such as the dying petrodollar, the Fed crashing the economy, trade War, bring the troops homes. All of this is going to bring money flooding back to the US which will be directed into cryptos. When these things happen these guys are going to make some hellacious money for themselves and their subscribers.

  6. Where is michelle whitedove and sharon michelle! We want whitedove live! ! ! She is 98 percent accurate! October should boom they said right! We are still waitinb. Ty for video

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