Ripple Earthport Moneygram, Black rock, HSBC .THE PROOF IS IN THE PARTNERSHIPS

Earthport has relationships with large global banks including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Japan Post Bank, Black rock
Earthport is connected to more than 60 local currency clearing systems

The Earthport and Ripple partnership brings together the leading global payments and technology infrastructures to immediately transform and modernise the global payments industry.”

McKinsey&Company estimates that annual global payments revenues will increase at a relatively stable rate of 6% during the next five years, exceeding US$2 trillion by 202

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  1. With all these partnerships that keep coming in. At the flip of a switch 10's of trillions will POUR in. By 2020 100's of trillions of transactions will take place using XRP. I have no doubt in this. Great research CKJ. Second to none !

  2. I hold a lot of xrp and believe it will be the main currency just confusing with all this ripple and xrp y’all since ripple partnerships don’t effect xrp

  3. We here in wakanda much prefer these info packed videos CKJ, it takes up too much of our precious time to get nuggets of information from your entertaining but long live streams. Keep up the good work my ripple brother ✊?

  4. Wat up ckj my xrp brother. Love you and your content. Ur 1 of my top 3 guys I watch & listen to regularly. Keep up the great videos. I have a lil extra cash I'm gonna go get some more xrp tonight while it's in this lil slump. 589 & beyond, cheers brother!

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