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In this video, Mattie talks about the sec shutting down Blockvest’s ICO. He also talks about our Community Speaks segment and the projects our community recently covered. This is a daily segment!
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SEC Shuts Down Blockvest ICO Over False Regulation Claims

SEC Shuts Down Blockvest ICO Over False Regulation Claims

Where is Bitcoin price headed now? BTC Technical Analysis

Community Speaks – Electroneum

Electroneum Introduction – Community Speaks

Community Speaks – High Performance Blockchain Introduction

High Performance Blockchain Introduction – Community Speaks

Scroll Network – Community Speaks

Scroll Network Introduction – Community Speaks

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  1. Hard to believe their are so many clowns on 1 channel saying a shitcoin that has been 51% attacked multiple times is a "top 3 coin." It must be difficult living life as an adult being that gullible. Enjoy your "mining experience"

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  3. Take a look at Byteball. Platform is easier to develop for than other platforms (uses Node.js scripting language, instead of the custom built Solidity language which Ethereum uses)

  4. Electroneum, will be one of several coins, that will be mass adopted, it will be several that make it, but definitely ETN, is one of them!

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