Smartphone Awards 2016!

The best smartphone options of 2016! ALL LINKS BELOW vv Top Big Phones [1:27] Best Compact Phones [3:34] Best Cameras [4:57] Top Budget Phones [6:53] …


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  1. How come the Mi Mix isn't on the big screen category and battery category? Got the biggest screen out of them all and has a massive 4400mah battery to last it all day.

  2. project ara didnt happen because it can replace any particular component on it include camera stereo and ect .. other company didnt like it and dont support it since the pricepoint of a phone decide by that particular component .. for example, a phone company promote their new phone with best phone camera.. if people want that 'best phone camera' they must buy with whole body of phone.. but project ara can just produce the camera part and people will just change that camera part for new one .. with a lot of different in price.. that will kill smartphone scenery..

  3. For the battery didn't the s7 edge had 3600 mah? And also why did the pixel won the s7 edge was better than the pixel except for the camera but still I think s7 edge is the best of 2016

  4. Once upon a time I tried to watch through your channel an Apple event. I got annoyed of your voice over commentation and had been rude to you. Better late than never. I am sorry. Ive been watcing you ever since, I like your containt and have great respect of you and your opinion.

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